You Vs. Social Engineering Essay

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You vs. Social Engineering
Technology has come a long way since its birth. Nowadays, we have the internet, cell phones, social media, YouTube, Netflix, and many more technological innovations. However, even with all these technological innovations, keep in mind that your security is more vulnerable than ever. Security is a major issue and plays a massive role in our everyday lives. A few examples are locking your car, using your email and accessing your banks ATM. These all have security measures designed to keep you safe and protect your privacy. Even with so many security measures, there are people out there who use social engineering to try and breach your security.
Social engineering is the art of manipulating people to the point where they give up confidential information. The types of information these criminals are seeking vary from case to case. However, when an individual is targeted, it is usually for passwords or bank information. Criminals use social engineering because it is easier for them to con your trust than to crack your password ("What Is Social Engineering?"). According to Merriam-Webster, they define social as relating to people or society in general; and engineering as the control or direction of something (Merriam-Webster). With that being said, social engineering is the taking control of people or society in general. Unfortunately, social engineering is a real thing and has happened all over the world.
Phishing is by far the most common social…

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