The Benefits Of Google Never Forgets Essay

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We live in a digital world; it is in all parts of life. Technology today has everything shaped into the speediest and most advantageous forms possible to make individuals lives greater and more importantly, easier. The innovations and growth that have been made through recent years are astounding when compared to where the world was only a couple of years to ten years prior. With the web and everything connected to it, messaging, video calls, educational programs and shopping- the potential outcomes for technology later on are practically innumerable. With growing technology, there are risks and benefits preserving an online existence. In M.Fawcett’s essay, Google Never Forgets: A Cautionary Tale, the author warns the readers to be extra careful of what you decide to post on the Internet. The Internet creates the digital equivalent of an unauthorized biography to record your thoughts, life experiences, as well as your embarrassing stories. With the strong search engine, Google records everything you put on the web including many years before. Having an online existence comes with many implications. There are types of services, media, social networks and details that can create an individual’s online existence. The easiest way to find someone’s digital shadow on the internet is a Google search. We can easily type a name into the search engine and scroll through whatever comes up. Generally what is found is an array of random details including anything corresponding on that individual in a magazine or daily paper, …show more content…
A large portion of the major social networks and service providers are always dealing with different ways to give every individual better protection and more security. An article written by Hartley (2011), “Who Can See This?” outline just some of the changes Facebook is making to their

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