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  • Social Security Number Expansion Case Study

    I believe that the two words that best describes Project Management are teamwork and communication. As I read the case study the one constant theme that from this Social Security Number Expansion project was the lack of teamwork and communication that was showed by the various departments involved. For this case it would be easy to put the blame on the Project Manager for not managing the various Functional Business Analysts the way he or she should have but I do not think that was the case. The boss who appointed the Project Manager should have communicated with these Functional Business Analysts that there is a designated Project Manager and that they need to listen and report to him or her. If that happened, then the issue of the Functional…

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  • Effects Of Lack Of Privacy

    More often than not, this private data is lost due to Information Technology security breaches whereby hackers steal vital private information from company devices. In the face of such breaches, corporation’s often end up paying exaggerated fines, legal fees and redress costs to customers and employees. Aqcuisti (2010) provides the example of ChoicePoint, which in 2005 following a breach, ended up paying close to $30 million in fines and fees. Similarly TJX also suffered losses of over $250…

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  • John Sileo Identity Theft Social Media Identity Fraud Analysis

    thief, John would have a lot of information about this woman that he could use against her and it took only seconds to get it. With all the information he acquired in the short period of time John could go online and look this woman up and get all the rest of the information he might need by looking up if she has social media site accounts or other forms of information out online. But is it just adults that can be targeted by this? The answer is most certainly…

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  • How To Prevent Identity Theft

    This article provided way for student on campus protection from identity theft. The BBB noted that some students are on their own for the first time once they attend college. They should be educated on a few items that can assist in protecting their identity. Students should use their parent’s address, permanent address, for sensitive mail and never share their credit or bank cards. Student can research website on the BBB site before shopping on line, especially if it is an unknown site.…

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  • Chapter Summary: The Black Market By Helen Thorpe

    Yadira was motivated to complete all of her academics at DU with the highest grades possible and was not concerned with working or obtaining a job while in school. Her ideology was the funding that she received from her scholarship covers her financial expenses at the present. Later in the chapter, “The Black Market” becomes a practical method to triumph over her inability to obtain a social security card with the Mexican Consulate. Shamed that she used Zulema’s actual social security number,…

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  • Cyber-Safety Regarding Identity Theft

    Cyber-Safety Regarding Identity Theft What is Identity Theft? • Identity theft is a crime in which an imposter obtains key pieces of personal information, such as Social Security or driver 's license numbers without that person’s knowledge or permission, to get a benefit or to cause harm. • An identity thief takes on another person’s identity by using their personal information, which includes the person’s name, address, date of birth and email and social media log-in details. It is illegal…

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  • What Is The Nature Of The Crime Influence A Prospective Investigation

    Ryan Smith12/12/17Forensics Final Project Part 1 Task 1) What is the nature of the alleged crime, and how does the nature of the crime influence a prospective investigation? The Nature of the alleged crime is unauthorized access to 3 photos that belong to Brendan Oliver. The photos were stolen and are being sold without Mr. Oliver’s consent. The nature of the crime influences a prospective investigation because the photos contained some sensitive nature. Mr. Oliver sent the three photos to a…

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  • Social Engineer Vs Social Engineering

    You vs. Social Engineering Technology has come a long way since its birth. Nowadays, we have the internet, cell phones, social media, YouTube, Netflix, and many more technological innovations. However, even with all these technological innovations, keep in mind that your security is more vulnerable than ever. Security is a major issue and plays a massive role in our everyday lives. A few examples are locking your car, using your email and accessing your banks ATM. These all have security…

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  • Health Care Center Mission Statement

    Ramona Adult Day Health Care Center mission statement is to promote and encourage the highest level of self-care and independence through an organized day program consisting of social, health and therapeutic activities. Ramona Adult Day Health Care Center serves individuals within the city of Baldwin Park and nearby cities. The client population in this center are mostly Filipino and Hispanics. There are few Caucasian, Chinese, and Blacks. Clients age range from mid-thirties to late-nineties.…

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  • My Personal Experience: My First Job Interview

    A smile was the only response that I could muster. “What is your biggest weakness?” There is was. The inevitable question that I feared the most. As a result, it was also the question that I was most prepared for. “My biggest weakness would probably be public speaking. I don’t have a problem communicating one-on-one,” That was a lie. I’ve been battling with my under-developed social skills for years. “but I can’t see myself ever giving a State of the Union Address or anything…

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