College Football Or Professional Football Essay

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Football is a sport loved by many people in the country, but not many people have the ability to play it. Yes you can join the school team but it really doesn 't matter, do not get me wrong you are still part of the team, but when you are one of the best it feels good to be admired by many young people, being scouted from colleges and universities, and sometimes if you make it in college you might even reach your dream of becoming a professional football player. But this is not a story about college football or professional football. This is a story about me, my High School career, how I was one of the worst and softest in the team to becoming one of the best in the team. Freshman year I was still new to football. I had no idea of how it was played, I just wanted to be on the team. I did not know the rules to it. When we finally started summer practice and it was hot and humid. It was the first day of lifting weights, I was one of the weakest guys on the team. I always saw the upperclassmen how strong they have become; I always said to myself that I wanted to be just like them. I was never able to lift much weight. When we finally started practice for game week. It was still summer it was hot. I was not a really big part at first; I did not practice or anything. I always stood on the sideline doing nothing. Later throughout the season my coaches started to put me in in the practice squad; so I started to figure out the rules. Then game three came, it was still hot we were…

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