Ancient Rome And The Roman Civilization Essay

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Throughout ancient Rome, Romans shared a set of ideals that defined many aspects of their lives. Once a small tribe in Italy, the Roman civilization grew, and at its peak, spread far and wide throughout the Mediterranean. In their growth, they developed strong ideals of how to conquer and what to do with the religions of others. In a process called evocatio deorum, the calling to or summoning of another people’s gods, the Romans gained a vast arrangement of gods and ritualistic practices for their religion. Religious practices were ingrained into their society and were taken very seriously. Romans viewed religion a bit differently than most belief systems today; Their religion was focused on the ceremonies and sacrifices rather than any moral dogma. Romans formed a contractual and even businesslike relationship with their gods which is similar amongst other aspects of Roman culture like marriage, slavery and freedman, and the familia. This relationship between the Romans and their gods proved to be integral to the development of strong Roman ideals that echo throughout their culture.
Marriage in ancient Rome was not normally about love and usually began when the bride was of young age. Marriages were arranged for political and financial reasons, and were usually set up by the patria potestas (i.e.: household leader) of those getting married. When getting married, contracts sometimes would be formed as part of the arrangements and most of the time a dowry was exchanged. In…

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