How Did Christianity Affect The Roman Empire

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The people in Rome started believing in a new God. This faith in this new God was known as Christianity and it spread rapidly throughout the Roman Empire. It caused suffering and problems, but also gave many people a new hope. This faith came to the roman Empire through a new teacher known as Jesus who was born to preach and teach about God. This faith also spread through Judea and Galilee. Christianity affected the rulers of Rome, it went against the rule of Rome saying that you must worship the Roman gods and emperors, and it caused many people to suffer and parish. Once Roman emperors and rulers found out about Christianity, they were enraged. Emperors like Nero had strong feelings against Christians. He did things that were completely unfair things to Christians. For example, “The emperor blamed Christians that destroyed much of Rome and subjected them to cruel deaths” (McGraw-Hill Networks, 153). Although there were many people who hated Christians, there were a few people who were fair and kind. Constantine and Diocletian came up with the Edict of Milan. This meant that Christianity would be accepted in the empire. It even turned that Constantine became a Christian himself. The emperors hated Christianity so much for one main reason. “The Romans tolerated the religions of other peoples unless these religions threatened public …show more content…
After the persecutions, the faith kept growing and many people became Christians. “The occasional persecution of Christians by the Romans in the first and second centuries had not stopped the growth of Christianity” (McGraw-Hill Networks, 153). That sentence shows that Christianity affected the common life of Rome because many people in the Empire turned to God for a life worth living. Ultimately, Christianity was an important factor in the ancient world affecting many people and how we live

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