What I Love You? Essay

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The phrase “I love you” has a substantial amount of meanings simply depending on the context in which it is used. The way one says “I love you” to a parent, a significant other, or a friend all elicit different meanings and connotations. One may treasure and appreciate all a parent has done for him/her but not want to spend the rest of his/her life living with this parent as one would with a significant other. Moreover, one may want to be romantically involved with a significant other but only seek a platonic relationship with a friend. While “I love you” is typically said in all of these relationships, the understanding of this phrase in a specific context requires each person to know one another’s behavior and be meaningful to their communication partners (Heath & Bryant, 2000, p. 118). Additionally, the meaning of a word or phrase is understood because of “interpretations each person assigns to the other’s actions and statements in the context of the relationship” (p. 118). Though most people are able to pick up on the differences certain phrases have in various contexts intuitively, the Coordinated Management of Meaning theory clearly demonstrates and explains these often confusing concepts. The ideas exemplified in the Coordinated Management of Meaning theory were studied and established by Pearce, Cronen, and Harris in 1982. Overall, this theory states that communication allows people to “cocreate, maintain, and alter social order, personal relationships, and…

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