Extreme Industrialization : Has America Gone Too Far? Essay

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Extreme Industrialization: Has America Gone Too Far?
Football season is finally here! Would now be the best time to invest in a new flat screen TV? I bet if I shopped around, I could find one for under $400. My chief concerns include: What store will have the best deal? What screen size do I want? Is any specific brand of better quality than the others on the market? Will the store offer a warranty? How about a delivery and return service? Do I want something I can mount to the wall or something that requires a specific TV stand? If I go with the TV stand, what are my options for that? Holy moly! Look at all of the decisions that need to be made just to upgrade to a newer television. My head hurts just thinking about all of the research I need to do in order to get the most out of this investment. Why do we have so many options anyways? As a means to make life simpler, nations and countries undergo the process of industrialization. By creating or adopting new technologies and factories, companies simplify the production operations for their goods. The increase in efficiency permits finished products to hit shelves faster and faster; thus, companies save a vast amount of time and other valuable resources. Industrialization also gives inventors the ability to update their designs or create new products, before consumers demand them. It also gives manufacturers time to replicate the ideas of other businesses, while asserting their own sense of style on the product, in order to…

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