Aristotle, The Best Life And Life Of Pursuing Knowledge Essay

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Assignment 5: Long Paper 1
According to Aristotle, the best life to live is a life of pursuing knowledge. Not only pursuing it but understanding it too. Virtue is a very important aspect that one needs to consider when trying to live an all around good life. As a writer named Christine puts it:
Like others before him, such as Socrates and Plato, Aristotle was a Greek philosopher who was interested in the best way to live a good life and to cultivate virtue. In particular, he believed virtue to be something that a person not only needs to understand but that a person also needs to live out in their actual lives. (Scarince, Christine).
Most human activities shoot for something that is considered good. The highest good is something that you can easily determine by looking at its end purpose or goal. You could ask questions like: does it create happiness in and of itself? Or, does it need further action to make it a good thing? The things that we pursue for their own sake, nothing else, must be the highest or supreme Good. Here are the views of one writer:
All human actions and choices aim at some good, which may be defined as the end or object of that action or choice. There are as many kinds of ends as there are kinds of activity and the ends may vary, depending on the particular activity being studied (e.g., the end of medical science is good health, the end of military science is victory). Some ends are subordinate to other ends, because the latter provide the motive for…

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