Veterans Health Clinic Case Study

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The Veterans Health Administration is “the largest integrated provider of health care in the United States – public or private- operating one hundred fifty-two hospitals and over one thousand four hundred outpatient clinics across the United States.” (Moore) The system services nine million veterans despite the publicized scandals starting in 2013. The VHA medical centers provides services including hospital based services, surgery, critical care, mental health, orthopedics, pharmacy, radiology, and therapy departments. The VHA vision states the “ VHA will continue to be the benchmark of excellence and value in health care and benefits by providing exemplary services that are both patient centered and evidence based.”(
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One consideration was Dr. Delos “Toby” Cosgrove of the Cleveland Clinic. The additional scrutiny of congress responding to the reports of high mortality and infection rates, the president set out to court Dr. Cosgrove. Dr. Cosgrove was able to create a patient’s first atmosphere at the Cleveland Clinic, focusing on the utilization of electronic health records to streamline patient care and avert care interactions to lower costs. “He has focused on better coordination of patient’s care, and launched wellness initiatives for patients and clinic workers, including a ban on hiring smokers in 2007.” (Paletta/Weaver/Adamy) His efforts, including the new medical technology creation have enabled the Cleveland Clinic to grow and prosper, al the while lowering costs for patients. Dr. Cosgrove rejected the offer stating that his work with the Cleveland Clinic is not done, and that there are many more initiatives to implement and much ore growth to come for the Cleveland Clinic. Robert McDonald, former Proctor & Gamble CEO was appointed by President Obama to the position of Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs in June of …show more content…
Medical care reform, disability claims and the application reform, and to reform the program to end veteran homelessness. The intention of the MyVA reform is to “change VA’s culture, processes, and capabilities to put the needs, expectations, and interests of veterans and their families first.” ( the proposed reforms include a simplified appeals process for timely, fair, and streamlined appeals decisions, and legislation for care in the community programs. One program started in 2016 to assist veterans in rural areas starts with the Office of Rural Health. This is a transportation program to assist the three million veterans living in rural areas that need assistance with transportation to access VA health care

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