Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Case Study

The health service organization researched for this assignment is Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Bethesda Maryland.
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) is the nation largest military medical center providing services in over 100 clinics and specialties for military beneficiaries in the National Capital Region (NCR) (WRNMMC, 2016).
In terms of the segmentation variables, the primary target market for WRNMMC can be two fold, demographic and psychographic. Demographic, because their patients is a small segmented part of the population that required healthcare. Their patient comprises of current service members, retirees and their dependents. As stated in their mission statement, their patients are exclusively
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Perceived seriousness according to Godfrey et al “refers to the beliefs a person holds concerning the effects a given disease or condition would have on one 's state of affairs … and the difficulties that a disease would create” (Godfrey et al, unknown). For service members, the difficulties that disease and illness would create to combat readiness motivate the behavior they exhibit when making a decision to use services at WRNMMC. Not only that, WRNMMC as the Flagship of Military Health System is equally committed to operational readiness of service members that visit their …show more content…
Since the completion of Fort Belvoir Community Hospital on a 1.2 million square feet location in Virginia in 2011, the facility has been competing not only for the Department of Defense fund for Military Treatment Facility in the region but also for patronage of service members. Not only is it an exclusive treatment facility for service members as WRNMMC it also boasts of a 120 state-of-the-art inpatient rooms located in a newly completed seven-story tower (Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, 2016). In spite of the rivalry from its competitor, WRNMMC still maintains its advantage over its competitors as the preferred treatment facility for service members in the NCR. This is so because it is the only exclusive military treatment facility in the NCR that can cater for all their healthcare need whether it is routine or specialty care in one

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