The Coming Hunger Wars : Heat, Drought, Soaring Food Costs, And Global Unrest

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All great pieces of writing consist of the same three rhetorical elements: Logos, Pathos and Ethos. They are strategically used to persuade the audience to believe something they hadn’t before. Michael T. Klare effectively practices these methods in his 2012 article, The Coming Hunger Wars: Heat, Drought, Rising Food Costs, and Global Unrest, to hook his reader and to coax them into viewing his topic differently. He exploits experienced sources, hard facts and fear driven emotions to inform his readers on the seriousness of food shortages in our world today. Ethos allows for the audience to trust what the author is speaking upon, however, if there is a lack of ethos, the audience will turn their attention to different reliable source. Ethos is extremely important to establish early on in an essay, article, and even a TV commercial. Klare, a professor of peace and world security studies at Hampshire College, has a natural self-less presence. He establishes and supports his self-less authority through his teachings, articles and books; many of which focus on the increasing dangers to our environment. Not only does Klare prove himself to be a reliable figure, but he also sites helpful sources that will back-up his position.
Klare’s use of ethos in this article is supported by the expertise of various sources as well. He cites Ernie Gross, an agricultural economist at Omaha’s Creighton University; Robert Thompson, a food expert at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs; Mohamed…

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