John Hobbes And The Social Contract Theory Essay examples

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American society is very diverse. Walking down the streets of Philadelphia, a person may see the Chinese businessman holding a cup of coffee, the African-American college students, some having purple hairs and some listening to music loudly, and the Muslim mother breastfeeding her baby. All of them are coexisting with society together and showing the benefits of the social contract theory. The meaning of the social contract theory is the unspoken agreement of that people will accept each other 's differences whether it be moral or political and live in society together. Many philosophers have different views on the social contract theory.
According to Hobbes, the main goal of the State is individual security. While people love freedom and individual rights, the aim of Hobbes restrictions is to protect citizens and procure for them a happier life. Hobbes does not claim that this kind of state really exists, but his idea makes us think about what kind of situation we would be in without the State. Hobbes lived in an era of bloody war in Europe and the UK, and the state authority was shaken. Therefore, in fact, he is describing the Civil War in England, and our vulnerability when we are in the state of nature, with no government. He has doubts about democracy and prefers a monarchy. If he could see the USA today, however, he might think our government is making a good effort to provide a security, but fails often shown by violence in American society.
John Locke 's ideas…

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