Gender And Nation, By Pablo Escobar, And His Medellin Cartel Based On The Show

1781 Words Oct 11th, 2016 8 Pages
“Nosotros somos banditos” translates to “We are bandits” in English. These are some of the first words spoken on the hit Netflix show “Narcos” and set the tone for the type of characters who will be involved. The second season was released in on September 2nd of this year and was given highly positive reviews. The show follows one of the world’s most prolific criminals, Pablo Escobar, and his Medellin Cartel based in Colombia. The show tells the entire story from Pablo’s birth in Colombia, rise to power and international fame, and subsequent death in Colombia. This paper will critique and analyze an important intersection between gender and nation, as well as nation and sexuality displayed on the show. The show is based off true events and recollections of events from books, and interviews from those involved. Season one begins by introducing many of the important characters that will be involved in the story. Pablo Escobar is the focus of the show however his sicarios, or henchman, are the center of many situations and scenes that will be critiqued in this paper. The story begins by explaining that Pablo was born as an average Colombian into a family. He was an ordinary boy and was on track for a normal life. It was in his early adult years that it all changed for the worse. He began to smuggle items like cigarettes, fake lottery tickets, liquor, and eventually drugs. He and his sicarios were the first to establish smuggling routes to the United States, and at one point…

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