Pablo Escobar's Drug Carking, And Drug Trafficking In Colombia

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“Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar made so much money, he spent over $2,500 every month just on rubber bands to bundle up his cash.” During the 20th century Escobar was one of the richest men because of drug related activities. Drug trafficking has always been an issue in Colombia, but in the 20th century it started to impact the country by increasing violence and recreational narcotic drug use.
During the 20th century Colombia had a rise in drug activity. Colombia started off with trafficking small items, but as they progressed they went on to narcotic drugs. Colombia has always been known for their drug trafficking business and the issues that have come with it. In the article “Colombia Fights in Drugs” states “Bogota, Colombia, May 1 —Smuggling
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Escobar entered the drug activity during 1970’s where he then became one of the wealthiest and most powerful man in Colombia. Escobar was one of the most important drug lords in Colombia. Pablo made a huge impact in the country. According to an article “more than 15 tons of cocaine were reportedly smuggled each day, netting the Cartel as much as $420 million a week.” With all the money that Escobar was making he was able to gain all the power in the drug industry. As a legendary drug lord, Pablo Escobar was able to manipulate and control those who would work for him, which kept the business going. Escobar was a leader who was known for his violence that was caused by drug activity as well. Pablo Escobar died on December 1993, which caused a decrease in drug activity. In the article “Peddling Pablo: Escobars Cultural Renaissance” it states “and with him, the heyday of Colombia’s populist drug lords came to an end. Drug trafficking evolved and became less visible,” which shows that Pablo was the boss of the drug activity. Escobar being the boss of everything, his drug group didn 't get how to keep the business going. Escobar not only made an impact on the drug group, but as well as the economy. Pablo left a mark in Colombia as Colombia is still one of the most countries that are involved in the drug trafficking business. Even though all the conflict that happened because of Pablo, …show more content…
Being involved in drug trafficking can cause competition with others that are involved in the business as well as with the law. Drug trafficking business means there will be competition with other countries which will cause conflict and may end up in war or in family conflict. When you are caught by the law there will be penalties, which will be conflict for the whole business. Drug trafficking can both impact the environment and humans, which is another theme it can connect to. Some of the drugs that are being sold may cause threats to the forest because it will be a source that is needed in order for the forest to survive. The chemicals that are being used to make the drugs grow are causing damage to the surroundings of those plants and the humans, since it will be a health issue with the laborers. Humans are impacted by drug trafficking even if they 're not involved because if the country is involved then it affects all those around. Those who are using the drugs that others are bringing in will be impacted as well, the more the trafficking keeps on going the more the impact it will have on those that are addicted and may eventually cause health issues. Currently cocaine was found in Colombia. Colombia is known for the drug environment that they have had since Pablo Escobar. Throughout the newspaper the crime group that is being mentioned is "Clan Úsuga" I am able to see how crime groups have developed over time

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