The International Effect Of Post Apartheid Essay

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This contemporary newspaper article, written by Nick Anderson and Susan Svrluga, confirms that restricting participation from people only because of skin color is still prevalent today. In brief, three students attending Claremont Colleges in Southern California advertised a roommate-wanted notice that were marked with the words “POC (People of Color) Only”. As a result, it stirred a debate about reverse racism and civil rights. Moreover, reactors of the situation seemed to understand the intention of this so called “discriminatory act”, and claimed that people of color should be allowed to create safe POC-only environments. This situation is another example that society is immersed in a white-centric world and that this is not about excluding white people. POC are also claiming that they should hold events or spaces excluding the white majority. Finally, it contradicts events prior to today, when the opposite (whites excluding people of color) was a mainstream action. The international effects of post-apartheid can be expressed in this current newspaper article.

Apartheid, by Saul Dubow, is a book that analyzes the history of the apartheid in global and local contexts. Dubow, one of South Africa’s accomplished historians, brings a new interpretation of apartheid, drawn from recent research and primary documents. The author also studies why it lasted so long and how it was defeated. Furthermore, he combines the studies of power and resistance, along with the importance of…

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