Reading Is Not Or Efficient Textual Evaluation? Essay

1415 Words Oct 11th, 2016 6 Pages
Reading is widely considered a gateway to knowledge, fantasy, and emotion. It is omnipresent in society through media, both digital and print; it is a core element in a college student’s academic workload, and provides a medium to stray from an otherwise finite world. Having been surrounded by these texts for my entire life, it begs the question, why I am utterly incapable of efficient textual evaluation? Beginning sophomore year of High School, the frequency at which I read steeply declined. Since, unless the content grabs every ounce of my attention, I cannot seem to read nearly as quickly or stay focused; stray thoughts, noises, or movements easily pull me out of whatever passage I am reading. This leads to either losing track of the content, or ceasing the flow altogether. As an adult, it would likely be simple to avoid essays, books, and other readings, but as a student who is trying to expand his horizons and learn a new craft, that notion is impractical. Reading is the primary assignment given to students and when I cannot finish the work in a timely manner, other work builds up and I am left with a soul-crushing volume of text. My well-being is dependant on the proper balance of stimuli explored with the idea of PERMA: a set of elements, according to scientist Martin Seligman, that are essential to lasting well being. And with 90% of college students reporting feeling overwhelmed at some point in their collegiate careers, if work takes over my free time, I will be…

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