The World 's Show ' Phineas ' And Ferb ' Essay

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If you have ever baby sat or watched a younger sibling, chances are you’ve probably switched on the television, and watched the popular kid’s show Phineas and Ferb, which happens to have a very catchy theme song that is nice to hum to. But if you listen to the lyrics, there is a more sinister, sadder message behind the theme song. For instance, the theme song is about all of the possible adventures Phineas and Ferb can do during summer vacation, and most of them are strange and unheard of, such as finding a dodo bird, because they are extinct. It is sad because children will never actually be able to see a live dodo bird because their extinction was mostly anthropogenic and took place mid-1600s ( Now in the 21st century, we, meaning the homo sapiens species, have become increasingly aware of our impact to the environment and have been taking action to salvage what we call threatened or endangered species, so as to maintain the biodiversity. A very great example of an animal that is endangered and/or threatened and well known by children is the green sea turtle. It is one of the many token animals used as an example of the effects of human-caused plastic pollution in our oceans. And now, it is on the verge of going extinct. The green sea turtle, scientifically known chelonia mydas, is currently on the US Fish and Wildlife Environmental Conservation list as endangered and threatened. Fun fact, it is not named the green sea turtle because of the color of its shell,…

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