The Origins Of Society And Culture Essays

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In this class, Core 1, we have touched on many different subjects. First, we discussed about the origins of the universe in module number one. Afterwards, we touched upon the origins of life in module number two. Currently, we talked over the origins of societies and culture in module number three. Even though the three different modules all seem to be broad and different, I believe they have an important similarity, and that is classification. As humans, we have the tendency to classify everything around us, from the universe we live in to the society where we reside and the culture we practice. However, the way we classify knowledge can differ from person to person. In this universe, humans have the need to classify new knowledge in order to make it easier to understand, which can then become controversial. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, classification is defined as “the act or process of putting people or things into groups based on ways that they are alike” (“Classification”). As humans, we classify new knowledge as it appears. However, classification may not be helpful in order to search or study farther into new knowledge, it is mainly used as a tool for us to arrange and make things easier to understand. People also have different cultures which means that classifications vary from person to person. The different beliefs and views people have due to their culture can make classification both problematic and controversial within our society.…

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