Essay about Male And Female Gender Stereotypes

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Male and Female Gender Stereotypes:
Gender Differences in Sexual Desire
University of Illinois at Chicago

Abstract Sexual desire is one of the most natural and instinctive urges men and female both experience. It is seen to be the main driving force in the human population’s evolution and growth. Males and females are also believed to have different perspectives and driving forces behind their sexual desires. Whereas men are believed to be biologically driven to reproduce, females are believed are believed to desire sex for emotion and pleasure. Males tend to be more motivated by physical pleasure and sexual satisfaction but women are motivated by emotional investment and romantic relationships. Other factors may include hormonal differences and how aggression affects sexual desire in both genders. Although many different perspectives will be outlined here, not many experiments have been held to determine whether men really do have a different level of sexual desire than women. I will propose a narrowed down study that can be used to generalize the ideas that an average college student has on sexual desires of men and women. I hypothesize that males will self-report higher levels of sexual desire than females. The reasons as to why will not be asked but the participants will be asked on their thoughts of the opposite sex as well.


Gender differences in sexual desire has been studied in order to find a relationship…

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