The Seven Models Of Personality Essay

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This paper is an integrative of seven specific concepts that have been identified from the seven models of personality. Throughout this paper, seven major concepts that best apply to the study of personality will be discussed. Along with the concepts, the major personality model the concepts were taken from will be mentioned and the theorist associated with each model. After that there will be a section of three excluded concepts that will be examined and example as to why those concepts were not suited for the use of the paper. There will be a compare and contrast with the concepts being used and the ones being excluded.
Another section within the paper will be the differences between healthy and unhealthy personalities. Then the analysis of the roles of heredity, environment and epigenetics plays in the development of personality. Also how heredity and environment affect personality disorders. However, there will also be a section that will reflect on how the major concepts are measured and/or assessed. Lastly, there is the self-reflection which will be if my views have changed since the start of the course.
Major Concepts
In this section, seven specific concepts will be identified from the seven models that best apply to the study of personality. The first concept within this section is psychosexual theory that was created by Sigmund Freud. This theory is from the psychodynamic model. From the psychodynamic model, I decided on Freud’s concept of psychosexual theory. This…

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