Equiano 's Narrative And My Life Essay

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Throughout history, many people come to America by force or immigration. Many found the hardship and fulfilled the dream. At the time Olaudah Equiano arrived in America, the new land, his life and fate is set to change dramatically. In the narrative, the conflicts that Equiano wrestles within in his life are devastating account that happened in human history. Although Equiano and I live in different time, our experiences connect us with the problem of first generation settler. Examining contexts of the Equiano’s narrative and my life reveals how the differences and similarities of process of assimilation, fighting for identity, and freedom that happened in our lives.
While both Equiano and I assimilate to Western culture, Equiano’s process of acquiring the social and psychological characteristics of Western society was different from mine. Over the course of his narrative, Equiano provocatively illustrates the progression stages of dispossession, indoctrination, and assimilation in the continually changing classification of the slave system. As the “Other,” he experience assimilation and resistance regarding to the Western culture before he attains freedom from slavery. He accomplishes tremendous levels of assimilation, in terms of his dominant culture’s language, education, and religion and using his assimilation to aid him in resistance to a lifelong of slavery (Ronald 3). Equiano explains, “From the time I left my own nation I always found somebody that understood me till…

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