Blaxicans By Richard Rodriguez Analysis

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Labeling the outside appearance of yourself does not shape identity, culture is what outlines you as a person. In the essay “Blaxicans” and Other Reinvented Americans” Richard Rodriguez argues his point on different diversities accessing America’s boarders to get in the country as well as immigrants from other countries are expanding themselves all over America. He explains how Americans begin to question their status. Richard Rodriguez is Mexican- American. He views himself to be Chinese because he surrounded himself with people in that community and made their culture the American society. The United States is not a country with people only having one nationality, but is one consuming of different races. Racial variety in the United States …show more content…
Rodriguez is Mexican and he believes that’s what people see him as in the United States of America. He had an interview with a man named Bill Moyers. The men discussed in the interview about how Rodriguez thought of himself not what his appearance showed. He answered that question by saying Chinese-American and not Mexican-American people see him as. Rodriguez says “As an American? Or Hispanic? I answered that I am Chinese, and that is because I live in a Chinese city” (274). He explains since he lived in a Chinese city for so long made him an American by recognizing his surroundings. Rodriguez realized living in this city was a home to him because of how the Chinese society culture made him feel. A person’s ethnicity is a percentage of yourself, but the air you breathe, eat, live, and hear shapes your character as an American to the …show more content…
Years ago and some parts down south are races to black Americans. Living in a prejudice society had people picking a side to support black or white Americans. This wasn’t what America is all about. It’s a struggle to be equal and will continue. Rodriguez says “The American conversation about race has always been a black and white conversation, but the conversation has become as bloodless as badminton” (270). He explains that there isn’t just one culture in America with only one language spoken. The country has many from the immigrants that has migrated over the years. Being an American is welcoming everyone who is different. No one is can just be American there always a part someone in us that has come from other countries. There shouldn’t have to be a concern with black or white Americans. African Americans and some other ethnicities will always struggle for respect. Being an American is accepting everyone that was the point Richard Rodriguez meant in being an

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