Barack Obama And Donald Trump 's Views On Environmental Policies

1027 Words Oct 11th, 2016 5 Pages
As we are slowly making our way to November, we are reading about policies that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have. The Democratic and Republican nominees have different views on everything. Both have large followings, with quite a lot of people opting to vote for a third-party. While it is important to read over each of Trump and Hillary’s policies, some stand out more than others. Environmental issues are important. Many people are advocating for a much greener nation and others believe that global warming isn’t an issue. Both candidates have spoken out about the environment and other problems relating to it. Their stances and policies will be laid out in this paper. Donald Trump was an unexpected nominee for the republican party. With his nomination, many policies of his were broadcasted. His and Hillary Clinton’s opinions on environmental policies are broadly different. Trump is a supporter of fracking. Trump has said at one of his speeches that he would, “revoke policies that impose unwarranted restrictions on new drilling technologies” (Murray 2016). He supports removing regulations that put a cap on emissions from fracking. He is also in favor of drilling in the Artic as well as the United States. Trump has stated that he would like more renewable energy. He would like “pursue all forms of energy”. Many of Trump’s issues with environmental policies stem from the fact that they are job-killing. He believes that coal should still be uses as an energy source…

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