Homelessness : A Growing Problem Essay

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Homelessness is a huge problem in the United States, roughly about 2 million (Covenant House) teenagers that are facing homelessness. Everyday people pass by homeless teenagers in every state that are living on the streets, in abandoned places, or even by a river. Teenagers are homeless for many different reasons. There are too many young adults in troubled families around the United States that are homeless; reasons such as a lack of parental support and substance abuse; but there are certain ways that the communities in the United States could help to eradicate the problem.
Many young adults in the United States suffer from being homeless, here is a girl’s story about it. In 2011 ABC News interviewed a few teenagers in the United States asking them how they became homeless. One of the few teens that they interviewed was Rebecca, she was seventeen years old and she was homeless because her mom had been evicted from her home and her family was forced to live in a small, falling down camper with her mom’s boyfriend. Rebecca left home because she did not get along with her mom’s boyfriend; he was abusive, he was part of a motorcycle gang, and because there was no room for her. Rebecca said in her interview, “I stayed with many friends and slept on many couches. I cried every time I got kicked out. I just didn’t know where I was going to sleep next” (ABC News). Rebecca also said, “I dropped out of school. I felt like I did not belong anywhere” (ABC News). Young adults that…

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