Social Media And Its Effect On A Brand Company 's Reputation Essay

1221 Words Oct 10th, 2016 5 Pages
Many companies around the world use Facebook and Twitter to promote their brand. It is one of the easier ways of advertising. Posts are re-tweeted, shared, or liked which provides companies with even more free advertising. The down side to being that publicly available is the negative attacks to the brand, and it happens on both Facebook and Twitter. Negative comments can really affect a brand and can damage a company’s reputation. The important thing companies need to remember when confronted with negative comments in social media is to respond quickly and with some excellent customer service. Let’s look at some examples. The first example comes from CNN’s Facebook page. The viewer left a comment about CNN’s lack of coverage on the Benghazi attacks and ended the comment with “Get on the ball guys”. CNN’s response thanked the viewer for the information and story suggestion.(Mcrea) Obviously the viewer had a serious issue with the lack of coverage that CNN had. He is probably a daily viewer. If this is one of the main places a person gets their news, I can see why it would be upsetting if you are not getting the information you would expect to get. CNN’s response was quick, but a little too impersonal. I felt it was too automated and not genuine enough. It was good that they responded, but it didn’t impress me. In the next example, a customer contacted UPS on delivery that ended up at the neighbor’s house. Normally a minor mistake, but this was the second…

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