Essay on My Strengths And Strengths Of My Goals

1031 Words Oct 11th, 2016 5 Pages
When I look upon my top five strengths I can vision various past experiences where I have been able to grow and better develop my strengths. My strengths have always been a significant factor in my life and even more significant recently. I have been able to accomplish many achievements this past year with the help of my strengths. Without my strengths of responsibility, developer, consistency, futuristic, and relator I could not say where I would be today. Growing up in this world I have always found myself feeling responsible for fulfilling every need thrown my way. I have found that it has been important to fulfill my responsibilities but I am not obligated to take on every task that is offered in the world. Sometimes I find myself having a hard time saying no because I genuinely want to help out. This summer in particular I worked roughly 40 hours a week in a hot and busy coffee shop as a barista. When people were sick I was always the person who last minute cancelled my plans and took on their shift or when someone was slacking on the job I would work harder to make sure everything was still running smoothly. Even though it was not my responsibility to cover up other people’s lack of motivation during the job, it was my responsibility to make sure the business didn’t fail. My strength of responsibility kicked in this summer. As a hard working and loyal employee I was willing to do anything to keep the business running no matter what was thrown my way. I have met…

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