Essay on The Parting Of The Paleolithic And Neolithic Ages

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The parting of the Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages shows a significant split in the lives and principles of prehistoric people. Many aspects of the normal, routine life were improved in order to satisfy a progressive standard of living. The Agricultural Revolution greatly impacted numerous aspects including the economy, culture, and technology. Overall, regardless of their variances and drawbacks, the Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages led to new technologies which ultimately permitted the formation of the civilizations and societies today.
Paleolithic is the beginning part of what is known as the Stone Age, enduring for only about 2.6 million years, when the first stone tools were used. The Paleolithic Age, Greek meaning for “Old Stone”, is the period in the development of the modern man. During this time there was more than one species of humans inhabiting the land, but only one survived to the Neolithic era. These human species lived by hunting and gathering. Man tracked herds and their seasonal patterns, which made them nomadic. Man still had growing technology. They established the ability to control and manage fire. This new technology permitted for another light source, a heat source, cooking, and safety against predators. The homo-sapiens, the most advanced human, created language thus allowing the passage of techniques to future generations. The Neolithic Age is established, also called the New Stone Age. This is the latter period of the Stone Age. This led to the…

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