Essay on Review Of ' The Ang Bahay Kubo '

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The Ang Bahay Kubo
Tired of eating the same type of food every day and looking for something new? Well the Ang Bahay Kubo is the place to go, it is a Philippine/American cuisine that knows how to make your taste buds happy. It is hidden behind a nail salon right off of Old Shell Rd. in Mobile, Al. The Ang Bahay Kubo is a specially crafted American/Philippine cuisine with astonishingly great food and a unique atmosphere like no other restaurant. It is one of the best restaurants I’ve eaten at. Their food is phenomenal. They did such a good job with bringing the diversity of the food to their kitchen, when you take your first bite it’s like biting into another culture. You get the whole Philippine cuisine experience. Along with their food the environment of the restaurant is one you will never forget. Although the food and environment were amazing the service wasn’t all that good. It’s probably the only thing I didn’t like about my visit. The Ang Bahay Kubo provides the highest quality food and ensures the customer will leave with a smile on their face. The food here was like no other. They did a really great job filling there menu with unique dining choices ranging anywhere from chicken strips to a variety of other Pilipino dishes. I ordered the chicken ceasar wrap. When the wrap was brought out to me I could already tell it was going to be great. The visual presentation alone made the food look extremely tasty. When I took my first bite, I thought I had struck…

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