Essay On Food Authenticity

What is food authenticity?

This essay will explore the dialectic relationship between the continuity of tradition and the continued changes found in the presentation of traditional activities (Lu and Fine 1995).

Firstly, food authenticity is doubtful. Ask a range of people how to make spaghetti bolognaise and each person will have their own recipe, their own method, and their own claim to authenticity. So, when we talk about authenticity, what does that mean? When is it ok to improvise?

Authenticity is the quality of being genuine or real (VAN LEEUWEN, 2001). Authenticity is important when the value of something is dependent on where it came from or how it was made (Christensen, 2010). Typically motivated by a desire to experience the “real”
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Perceptions of authenticity varies depending on the geographical location (Lego Muñoz and Wood, 2009). For example, authentic food is more authentic in the originated country than elsewhere. This is because the food and the theme of the restaurant percept’s the authenticity of its culture and history.

All these perceptions lead to other factors such as ingredients. For example, local chicken in China is more tender than chicken produced in Australia. The difference between the two meats play an important factor when determining which of the following food is more authentic. Authentic food produced in the originated country is more authentic because the real deal of food authenticity is when the producer utilises the advantages of using local ingredients to produce an original traditional recipe. To support this theory, Tony May, New York's top authorities on Italian food, said "If I have to produce authentic Italian cuisine, I'm going to buy Italian rice. If I have to buy olive oil, I'm going to buy Italian olive oil. If I have to buy beans, I'm going to buy Italian beans" (Sumathi, 2010). Tony May explains how local ingredients can conceptualise the perception of authenticity. For example, if it is made from pure authentic ingredients, then it is surely authentic without a doubt. On the other hand, without using authentic ingredients it isn’t completely authentic. In other words, it is

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