Evaluation Of The Public Health Issue Essay

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Upon stating the public health issue, the key elements of the public health issue, and the goals that are hoped to be achieved, further thought out strategies led to the question- How to improve the testing procedure already in place for Zika? Two public health approaches were concluded to possibly function as a solution: Change Implementation and Management and Performance Improvement Systems. Change Implementation and Management relates directly to a purely public health change implementation and management intervention component (Argosy University, 2016). However, Performance Improvement System relates directly to a purely performance improvement intervention component. The latter intervention better suits the goal of improving upon the testing protocol set by the FDA; not changing it. More or less, just simply improving the testing workflow which will allow for more samples to be tested and faster reporting times.

ii. Strategies and Activities

In order to address the issue of limited laboratory resources for Zika testing and lengthy turn-around-time for results, a plan must be set forth to apply for federal funding by way of receiving a grant. Utilizing the resource set by the Health Resources and Service Administration, the following will suffice as a guideline to plan for writing a grant proposal (2016):

1. Research a grant of interest early and thoroughly read the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA).
2. Consult colleagues to discuss the components of the FOA,…

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