Essay about Electronic Music And Its Influence On Music

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As time goes on, music evolves away from human influences. Music is played more and more by electronic methods. In the 1950s, music reinvented itself by developing into electronic music. Electronic music gave many artists freedom to explore their own ideas. Artists and composers of electronic music acknowledged that there are main principles regarding electronic music. Technology naturally leads to experimentation any eventually acceptance of new sounds, styles, and techniques for making music. Composing and listening to electronic music require new skills. The seven aspects of electronic music were a set of guiding principles for the musician. To some artist, they imposed more independences, but for other composers, these directing guidelines could be restraining.
The first of the channeling features is that, “sound resources available to electronic music are unlimited (Holmes). Meaning, “new sounds can be constructed from the raw material of electronic waveforms. The composer not only creates the music, but composes the very sounds themselves” (Holmes). This is a positive trait the composer can use. They developed the sound from material they have obtained and then mold the sound to be individualized for the material. In the piece Luna, “Wendy Carlos demonstrated a digital instrument, the voice of which could be modified in real time as it played a theme, metamorphosing from the sound of a violin to a clarinet to a trumpet and ending with a cello sound, but became…

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