I Am Guilty Of Texting And Driving Essay

1433 Words Oct 11th, 2016 6 Pages
Like the typical teenager, my phone is glued to the palm of my hand, at all times. I am guilty of texting and driving in the past, like most young drivers confess in their early years of driving. Once one uses a cell phone while driving and survives the car ride, it automatically becomes an unbreakable habit. One might claim he or she is “good at texting and driving” and are incapable of the serious risk of accidents caused by distracted driving. They are wrong to think it will never happen to them. They are wrong to think they are professionals when it comes to typing a 140 character tweet while operating a two ton vehicle. They are wrong to criticize me for making that mistake because they commit the same crime everyday without thinking. Luckily in my case, everyone involved walked away from the accident without major injuries, but we were the lucky ones. I never thought it could happen to me, but one ordinary day turned into a nightmare that immensely changed my view on sitting behind the wheel. On July 12, 2016, I was leaving the mall after two hours of intense shopping for my senior pictures, which were supposed to be taken the next day. I slipped into my mom’s Chevy Cobalt, that she most graciously borrowed me for the evening, and set my shopping bags on the passenger side floor. I fumbled around for the end of the auxiliary cord to plug in my phone. It took me almost two minutes before I actually turned the car on. I like to check my social media apps, text messages,…

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