Essay on Research Techniques Midterm Exam : Guadalupe M. Flores

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Research Methods Midterm Exam
Guadalupe M. Flores
Fullerton College

If Behavioral scientists start conducting applied research only, it will concentrate on finding a specific solution. The pro about this is that budget will be more available for scientists using applied research if they stop conducting basic research studies. Basic research studies are done based on curiosity in science but the results do not have immediate application in real world. With this in mind, getting rid of basic research studies will have an increase of budget just for applied research. It can lead to an increase of engagement and concentration on real life problems. As a result, there will be an increase of solutions that can be applied immediately. It will give people the relief of finding a solution to a problem in our society. For example, it may be a cure to an individual’s disease or disorder.
The cons that come with the regards of Behavioral scientist only conducting research that has immediate practical applications is that it takes away the importance of basic research. Basic research is not just research based on curiosity but they sometimes help develop solutions. If scientist were only allowed to conduct applicable research than basic research would soon be out of interest and budgets for this research will be cut. This is a problem because basic research has a huge impact in applied research. Although, it might take years for scientists to use the basic research…

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