Essay on Sexuality Is A Bustling Inner City Culture

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Sexuality today is a bustling inner-city culture where different neighborhoods, though all residing within the same metropolitan, have their own sociological, complex characteristics. Sexuality is multifaceted and often times messy, confusing to even those who would seemingly be highly knowledgeable in its workings, as well as in gender and identity. However, we do have insight through experience and several origins of construction such as social regulation, economic and social organization, and cultures of resistance, just to name a few.
Social regulation, according to Weeks, controls sexuality, inadvertently, as well as intentionally. For instance, when a law is set in place that bans, prohibits, or manages a certain belief or action, that belief or action becomes more sought after or highly publicized, though this generally would not be the outcome to be expected (Weeks, 25). He also states that in highly industrialized countries, such as the United States of America, there has been a shift in regulation; no longer are we primarily controlled by religion standards, but rather through education, medicine, psychology, and sociology. This certainly isn’t to say that religion plays no part in a person’s decisions, but we are seeing an increase in “free-thinkers” who make choices based on their feelings rather than the guidelines of a particular faith.
Regulation can also be seen within our linguistics and how we use language to label and identify ourselves and others, which…

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