Essay about Creativity Pushes Us Forward As A Society

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Creativity pushes us forward as a society. Creative minds help create unique, and innovative ideas that enhance our lives in many ways. Creativity is a type of mindset that is gained through engaging in artistic activities. Art can help expand our minds to see things that would normally be pointless to us. Art can be anything that allows humans to express their creativity and imagination. It can be singing, painting, dancing, or anything else that allows us to be creative and imaginative. Art education, beginning at a young age and continuing throughout twelve years of school can be extremely beneficial to the educational process. Unfortunately, art education is being cut from our public schools, and we need to make art classes mandatory for students K-12.
Sadly, our children today are losing their sense of creativity. This has to do with our education system as art and music classes are being cut due to low funding. This inhibits our children’s ability to expand their minds through engaging in art. Throughout my four years in high school, class numbers in my advanced photo class dropped from twenty-five students, to four students. STEM education has become the main focus in many school districts, and art education classes have been put on the back burner. Both art and also music are fundamental to creating a creative mindset. It allows students to move beyond a typical math problem, and to think outside the box. Although our education system may be flawed, we…

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