Critical Analysis Of Race Poverty And Community Schools By Harkavy

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The article that I am basing my proposal paper on is “Race, Poverty and Community Schools”, by Harkavy, Ira; Blank, Martin.
I want the reader to see that I think the role of education is a lot more than just teaching students the core things such as math, and how to read and write. Education should also teach students life skills, such as problem solving, work ethic, and teamwork. These life skills combined with the core subjects taught in schools will help the students grow into mature adults who have the tools to contribute to society, and not only contribute but make it better. I think that Freire would agree with me. He talked a lot about students needing to learn through experience, rather than just be filled with basic information. I think that my opinion pretty well shadows that of the authors of “Race, Poverty and Community Schools.”
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By cutting art classes we are taking creativity away from the students. I also think that art class is a time for students to relax and kind of take a break from the stress of their hard classes. With child obesity rates rising, taking away P.E., and nutrition classes is one of the worst things that we can do for students. Some parents don’t know how to teach their children to choose healthy options and get exercise daily, so that leaves school to teach them those very important things. If not a class during school, maybe a community program, before or after school.
When there is not enough funding for meal plans, and proper health care plans, children come to school hungry, and sometimes sick. These things take away from their concentration and focus level, and can cause them to fall behind. In some places in the U.S., there are community health care programs, and programs to help the parents learn to manage their money more effectively. I think many more places could benefit from these types of community

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