John Dewey Wrote 'My Pedagogic Creed'

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1. Dewey wrote "My pedagogic creed" over a century ago, what aspects do you see are relevant in contemporary schooling? Why? I believe that there are some aspects that I see relevant still up to this day in schooling. Up to this day no matter our age, we are still preparing for our future by teachers/ family/ or mentors telling us what to do. I remember back in middle school/ high school we were told to always do our best and use everything we can to ensure that we have to be ready for the future. I agree with Dewey when he explains the following, “I believe that education, therefore, is a proves of living and not a preparation for future living.” I agree because now a day it seems that kids are being told that they need to go to school to …show more content…
From all the examples that are provided the one that made an impact on me is when he talks about the teacher and the students. The idea of the term “teacher-student with students- teachers” is the one I see more important. I agree that teachers have a lot to learn a lot from the students at all times. I feel that many people have a lot to learn from one another and there is no better way to be explained other than using Freire idea of liberating education. I feel that the teacher has a lot to learn from the students such as the type of learners they have in their classroom and look for ideas to address all the students. Teachers will learn from the students when they assign a project/test and the teachers will see how the students do. The teachers will learn how they did presenting the material and will help the teacher not do the same mistake. When teaching each other all of them can grow as person since they learn new ideas from the other person. I feel that having this idea with the students will be helpful when it comes to teaching since it gives the students a voice. Having this idea in a classroom makes me think that there will be more involvement from the students since they will see that their ideas/ belief are important. Not seeing someone as the primary person in charge can make the students participate more in the class. Freire’s idea, is one that I feel will be one that I use in my …show more content…
I feel that in some way I agree with the PACT since that seems to be what we do in the program. I think part of their teacher education consist of doing observation hours just like I have been doing this quarter and the last one. I think observation hours is a good technique for teacher education since it helps the person see techniques that teachers do in the classroom. I believe that seeing teachers present is better than reading the techniques of the book. In the process of teacher education I feel that the classes should consist of more hand on activities such as doing lesson plans and presenting them. If the student was to present the lesson to a group of students it will be better since they will obtain many techniques such as presenting and also modify if there is any concerns the students give them. In a classroom setting teachers should do more activities to get the students involved. In my own schooling experience I do not recall doing a lot of activities in my classroom, due to it I would occasionally find myself being bored. If we have teachers who do fun engaging lesson plans I think will also help improve the test scores. I think test scores will improve since the students might remember something better by connecting it with a fun lesson that they could have had. Overall, this chapter made me see that I support the ideas of what PACT

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