Comparing Edmundson And Freire's Essay

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In both Edmundson and Freire’s essays, each of them have some of the same ideas as to what is wrong with our education system. The changing of education is due to the leak of consumerism into universities, lack of passion and that the students are just not interested in the subject. I believe that this is true, but I also believe it’s up to the teachers to have passion in their job that they have chosen to do! It makes it that much more interesting. The implementation of new techniques to improve education falls in the hands of our licensed teachers or school administrators.
Edmundson essay raises the problem of consumerism leaking into the education system. He begins by telling us of a scenario in his classroom on a day that he doesn’t particularly enjoy, evaluation day. He often gets some really good review, but who cares about those. The words in the evaluation that are used is where the problem lies. Words like “interesting” and
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He states it’s up to the individual students to make their own way against the current sludgy tide. He acknowledges that he will get back to a more exuberant style and have a “yes I will” attitude.
Freire poses the idea of having the education system be run with the (problem-posing concept). One of the biggest pros with this concept is that it allows the teacher and students to both teach and learn from one another through communication and dialogue. The students don’t just accept blindly, but challenge their instructors. Both professors have some really good ideas on how to fix the system, but it comes down to the teachers and administrators to make the change. The professors can make their classes more interesting and enjoyable, but still challenge the students with out making it to

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