Constructivism In The Art Classroom Analysis

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Cassandra Hayes
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Constructivism in the Art Classroom

In the article "Constructivism in the Art Classroom: Praxis and Policy" the author Christine Marme Thompson talks about constructivism most frequently practices in art training than it is explicitly invoked as an approach to curriculum or pedagogy. Arts education lends more towards constructivism, and constructivist learning it is described much like arts learning. Constructivism more frequently practices in art training than it is explicitly invoked as an approach to curriculum or pedagogy. References to constructive theory are rare in the literature of art instruction, while implementation of constructive principles and practices is common.
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I like how it talks about artistic production and teaching. Because having art in the schoolroom is an excellent idea. I like how the article pointed out the institutions in which art education exists:

Art teacher education should continue to emphasize practices that are appropriate to the production and understanding of visual images and objects, while providing students with an understanding of the contexts of schooling that they are apt to encounter that are incompatible with their approach to teaching. Strategies for communicating with parents, colleagues, and administrators in order to advocate for progressive approaches to art teaching should be central to the undergraduate art education curriculum.

At the school and district levels, art educators should find allies within their own field and related areas of the curriculum in order to actively build alliances and affect school policies and understandings of the range of pedagogies that are traditional and effective within the arts and across subject areas.

Art teachers should join with university based researchers to document examples of progressive practice, wherever it occurs, in order to
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The things I've learned while taking art classes throughout Middle and high school some people do not take constructive criticism well. A constructivist theory is collaborative and authentic. In an art class I can give real life problems and concepts to students to resolve. After reading this article I went on a constructivism art research bender this morning and now I'm really thinking about its impact today, not historically. I enjoy the politics behind constructivism art during history today. The article puts out some serious facts about how constructivism is related to art education and how it can help children learn the history of art and more. I am extremely inspired by the constructivism art theory.

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