Essay on A Brief Note On The Economic Scope Of Women

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Work v.s Children in
Economic Scope
According to Dorment’s article in Esquire nearly 60% of all the bachelors degrees in America go to women, yet women only hold about 15% of all fortune 500 executive positions, and less than 20% of congress. The amount of educated women does not add up to the low level of women available in the labor market. I am currently taking a microeconomics class and since Slaughter mentions that due to the current economics women can’t have it all, I thought I would carry that thought and analyze her argument. Economics in short is the study of how one makes choices. I believe that it is choice that women make differently from men that results in these statics and feel that sexism and gender equality has less to do with it than many may think. Whilst women have comparative advantage over their male counterparts, and some may prefer to take care of their children, current society feels that motherhood is a less important job than a professional working career. My solution would encompass comparing who in the relationship has comparative advantage at home and at work and allowing each to specialize in their respective areas.
According to Slaughter, the current economy and society does not allow for women to have it all. Whilst she does not explain why, she is on the right track. Comparative advantage is when one member of the economy has a lower opportunity cost than the other in the production of the same product. If we take a hypothetical two…

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