Argument Between Slaughter And Dorment

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Women can’t have it all! It turns out that neither can men despite what Slaughter would have you to believe. Both Slaughter and Dorment discuss the division of leadership in terms of gender, however, they have incredibly different beliefs on who or what is to blame for this apparent gap. Slaughter blames men and the systems that men have created while Dorment claims that a lack of drive and personal responsibility is limiting women to their current status. I personally side with Dorment’s argument on the issue, mostly due to the fact that Slaughter fails to be persuasive in her article due to the little evidence she provides being contradictory to other evidence presented by both Slaughter and Dorment.
Slaughter’s article presents the problem of work-life balance for women and urges us to place women in positions of power to change the time commitments of top positions and then place women in those top positions with the intention of creating a better world for women and, by extension, a better world for everyone. Slaughter claims that this problem exists because of men and that men are intentionally keeping women out of these positions. She also presents the solution of giving women (and men) the ability to control their work-life
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A potential point against Dorment’s argument, however, would be that some women have the drive to pursue their careers and some men do not have that drive, and, while this is true, it cannot be denied that a majority of working men have the drive necessary and that a majority of working women do not have that same drive. Obviously, specific cases of the contrary do exist, but the overall trend is in such a way that Dorment’s argument is quite a defendable answer to the presented

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