Essay on The Beginning Of The Paleolithic Civilization

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The ancient world produced countless technological advances throughout the course of history. The technological advances of the Paleolithic, Mesopotamia, Greek, and Roman cultures are great examples on how they composed technologies that allowed their cultures to survive and grow and affect the world today positively. Due to the advancements they have invented, formed, and innovated other technologies, they were able to help create cultures and allow them to live longer and prosper.
The beginning of the Paleolithic culture, the earliest technology is formed. The homo habilis created “the first stone and bone tools and weapons” (Fiero 2). Creating advanced, yet simple tools in the old stone provided their culture with survival. The tools then helped the Homo erectus to take the bone tools and weapons and manufacture tools such as, “hand-axes, cleavers, chisels, and a wide variety of choppers” (Fiero 2). The Homo erectus were able to initiate these tools by taking the first tools created and advance the technology to allow them to make new and improved tools. The tools allowed them to dug, cut, chop, and scrape for food, shelter, and animal skin. Fire was also another technology used during the Paleolithic age. Fire was useful for “humankind providing safety, warmth, and a means of cooking food” (Fiero 2). These simple tools that were created a foundation for cultures to be established. It allowed cultures throughout the ancient world to survive by increasing their “comfort…

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