Three Ancient Civilizations Essay

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Choose three ancient civilizations. What were the achievements of each of these civilizations? How did each of these civilizations make lasting contributions to humankind?

Throughout history, ancient civilizations have created and developed important and lasting contributions to society. Among these civilizations are Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient India. These civilizations have made meaningful contributions to areas such as architecture and technology, and have paved the way for modern civilization. Ancient Mesopotamians made incredible advances in architecture, communication, and technology. According to Document 1, the Ancient Mesopotamians developed arches, ramps, and columns, metal tools and weapons, and the first
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According to Document 3, Ancient Egyptians invented the shaduf, a weighted pole with a bucket that was used to collect water, which in turn was swung around and used to irrigate land. According to Document 4, the Ancient Egyptians designed and built the pyramids, which were final resting places for pharaohs, rulers of Ancient Egypt. Both of these contributions had effects on later civilizations. The shaduf is still used today in parts of the Middle East to irrigate land, and this invention allowed for other civilizations to improve and redesign it, leading to technology such as the modern sprinkler. This modern technology keeps our lawns hydrated and allows farms and gardens to support plant life, instead of having to wait for rain or using something such as a bucket to water them. Another contribution of the Ancient Egyptians is the pyramids. These are an architectural marvel, and the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt, is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. These pyramids allow us to learn about the Ancient Egyptian civilization and culture. From the pyramids, we have learned about the process of mummification, as well as how the Egyptians prepared the body. Hieroglyphics in the pyramids allow archaeologists to further learn about how the Ancient Egyptians communicated and recorded history, as well as what their beliefs were. Preserved bodies and parts …show more content…
According to Document 6, Ancient Indian cities such as Daro and Harappa were the first to be laid in accordance with a precise plan. These cities were also the first to have indoor plumbing and sewer systems. These developments are extremely important to modern society. Today’s cities, such as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles are also laid out in grids, just like the ones from Ancient India. The major contribution from Ancient India is the first plumbing and sewage system. This allowed the residents of these cities to have private, indoor bathrooms and toilets, which lead to an overall better quality of life and sanitation, preventing people from getting sick. Today, many houses and building all over the world have indoor plumbing. Without this initial invention from the Ancient Indians, many more people would get sick from the diseases in these unsanitary conditions. This technology, which started out with toilets, lead to engineers developing indoor sinks and showers. Because of this, people are able to have warm, running water in their house. We don’t have to go outside to use an outhouse or bathe in a stream or river. The Ancient Indians had many important and lasting contributions to society. Ancient civilizations had many important and lasting contributions that are still seen and used today. These inventions improved our quality of life, allowed us to record history,

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