Trade Routes In The Ancient World

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Trade Routes in the Ancient World

Ancient civilizations paved way for the ideas, values, and commodities that people still use to this day and are accustomed to using in their daily lives. As each civilization flourished, they had distinct characteristics which made them unique, nevertheless they had similarities with other civilizations that related on not only a geographical level but a cultural and developmental level as well. For all the civilizations to flourish as a whole, products that were only cultivated in certain areas had to be able to move from civilization to civilization. That is where trade routes became the most important. Trade routes were in charge of exporting and importing products from other civilizations, therefore increasing
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In this paper I will discuss which trade routes were an essential part of globalization in the ancient world, thus including routes such as The Silk Road, The Grand Trunk Road, as well as Incense Road.

There are many roads and paths discussed in ancient writings. These are used to not only move goods and products, but also to spread religions, messages, and ways of life. One main road is the Silk Road. The Silk road expands between around five empires; those ranging from The Roman Empire, Parthian Empire, Kushan Empire, Han Empire, and the Monadic confederation of Xiongnu (The Met, paragraph 1). This passageway was one of the longest in the world at that time, stretching from Greco-Roman areas, to the Tigris river, all the way to Mongolia as well as China (The Met, paragraph 2). Due to the large surface area that this road covered, the goods that were being produced were able to spread further and therefore demand for certain materials such as silk, began to grow. This was important in not only spreading silk which could only be produced in certain areas, but as well as languages and religious messages (The silk road in world history, pg. 20). Author and
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These routes included trading resources as well as spreading ideologies which later became important parts of another civilizations culture and lifestyle. These trade routes were also used as a way to move military personnel as well as for travelers and missionaries to go between civilizations for travel in addition to exploration. All of these advancements due to trade and travel became the norm for civilizations to come and therefore created the large network of trade routes that are still used to this day. To conclude this paper, it is important to look at how trade was a clear importance to globalization and therefore the developments of the civilizations and their

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