Comparing Two Empires

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Middle East, China, and Africa were great civilizations during their time, having some differences and similarities within their empires. This time period had many civilizations that came to life, but few managed to stay afloat which is what these civilizations managed to do. They all had many great achievements that throughout time others have built upon. These three civilizations created a path for others to follow or to break from. They all helped open a gateway for many new and great advancements in all civilizations. The politics between these empires shared some similarities. In the Middle East, city states were the first form of government, which later were transformed into kingdoms which were ruled by kings. Africa also shared the same idea of city states, but they were developed upon a strong central government who were ruled by pharoahs. On the other hand, China built from kingdoms which they transformed …show more content…
All men were mainly educated in all empires, and most served in the military. The Middle East had great advancements in education which brought about scribes and astronomy. With all of these advancements though, women were still educated at home. For both China and African civilizations, women were not educated and were more as a servant for men. From education lead to new innovations within the empires. In the Middle East, a new writing system was created known as cuneiform which was composed of marks carved onto wet clay tablets. Also, when the Babylonians took over, they formed a justice system known as the Hammurabi Laws. The Chinese innovated new weapons created from a type of metal known as Bronze. With this new metal, they created tools and wheels. In Africa, they created hieroglyphics, another form of writing composed of picture and symbols which was used to create the Book of the Dead, which told the story of the dead. They also mashed papyrus to make

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