Contributions Of The Roman Empire Essay

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Contributions of the Roman Empire There have been numerous contributions to society by the Roman Empire in terms of politics, religion, technology, and culture. One of the largest political contributions by the Roman Empire was the foundation on which our modern democracy is formed upon. The Roman Empire also led a large part in the spreading of the Christian faith. One of the most notable technological advancements of the Roman Empire was the invention of the aqueduct. Each of these advancements put in motion by the Roman Empire have tremendously affected modern life and our path to where we are today. The Roman Empire formed the first known republic, which led the way to the democracy in which we live in today. The Roman Republic was very …show more content…
One of the most notable advancements was the invention of the aqueduct, which made many more inventions possible. An aqueduct moves water using gravity and a downward gradient made of stone or concrete. This invention made it possible to move water from coastal locations to inland houses. The first aqueduct was constructed in Rome’s cattle market and quickly was implemented in many other areas. In addition to the invention of the aqueduct, the romans also discovered cement, which was commonly used in the aqueducts. These constructions were one of the first reliable means of gathering water in areas where water was not naturally present. These aqueducts also led to the invention other valuable contributions the Roman Empire made, such as toilets, sewage systems, and fresh drinking water. The invention of the aqueduct provided the basis on which much of our hydraulic and energy-based inventions were built upon. The added advantage that toilets and sewage systems provided was the easier ability to built houses and communities in close proximity. These advancements also helped with building a cleaner and healthier society. Although the sewage system invented was not as complex and efficient as the sewage systems in use today, the basic mechanisms of the original system are still apparent today. All of these advancements made so long ago are still prevalent in our society

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