A Drive By Daniel F. Pink Essay

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Diego Andrade Mrs. Williams English 73x October 10, 2016 Drive In the book Drive by Daniel F. Pink he talks about how the use of rewards and punishments to control our employees prediction is an antiquated way of managing people. Pink advocates that one way on how to maximize the employees enjoyment and productivity of 21st century work is by upgrading our philosophy so that it can include autonomy, mastery and purpose. Pinks theory of moving from motivation 2.0 to motivation 3.0 is extremely useful because it sheds light on the different problems of how motivation 2.0 is needed to be updated so that it can be improved. In this essay I am going to tell you a bit about my motivation and how I manage to keep my motivation going even after so many let downs. I believe motivation 3.0 is factored into my future career because I feel that I have that type of motivation, intrinsic motivation within me. By this I mean that I want to do it for the best of me, not because someone tells me to. My future career is to someday work in law enforcement and become a patrol officer and maybe later on in the future become a Sargent. But to do so I have to start somewhere first and that 's why I am starting from the bottom and making my way to the top. For the moment I chose to use my time wisely and come to college and earn my AA degree in administration of justice. I also try and go on as many ride-a-longs as possible with the Porterville police department so I can learn and have a better…

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