A Free Individual Is The Highest Value, The Freedom Of Him And A Society

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“The individual does not have the power to change a sign in any way once it has become established in the linguistic community; I mean that it is unmotivated, i.e. arbitrary in that it actually has no natural connection with the signified…” (Lemert, 2013, p. 116).
Actually I don 't agree on this, I believe that the individual is the highest value, the freedom of him is of the highest. Always the individual is ignored in favour of the group and has no value, and this is the good reason for the individual because the individual is the seed of rebellion. It is not surprising that if we want to do an evil act is much easier in group than through individual, through the awareness and consciousness. A free individual makes a society, he is the basic unit of society, so freedom and the individual and the soul are the values that differentiate between a crowd and a society...

Women and Economics (1889)
I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life– Abraham Lincoln. In the name of equality and competition we are destroying the freedom of choice, the individuality and creativity, we are killing the beauty and the soul of woman and destroying her image in the name of economic and theories. I see the woman as a mother as a queen as society builder, as been said:" The mother that shakes the bed by her right, she is able to shake the world by her left". I believe that the man and woman complete each other, not use…

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