Essay about Fat Vs Body : Body Positivity

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Fat vs Body Positivity Many women and men showed dissatisfaction with their bodies. But now there is a new trend going on that is described as body positivity. This trend could be defined a person accepting their body as well as color, size or even shape. The big idea for body positivity is body acceptance. It is a great idea due to a person being able to feel comfortable in their skin. For many years, many stars in Hollywood have always been treated differently due to their how their body looks. Stars that are overweight are usually cast as the funny fat friend. Roles like these have now begin to decline due to the new idea of body positivity. But some would argue that this type of discrimination was never an issue. Also many argue that body positivity hurt more than helps. They feel that this movement encourage people to be obese. Also feel that if a person is a certain size they really are not at their best.
Does fat shaming Help
There are some who believe the only way to encourage a person to lose weight is to shame. America often time feel that shaming an individual doesn’t motivate. Kids are often tease to a point were they are push into losing weight. Christopher Friends who is for shaming writes in his article “Solve America’s Obesity Problem With Shame” says “ Two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, and a staggering percentage of our children—our future—are growing up (and out) with little regard for how this epidemic will impact them. In this regard,…

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